Brand Power Assessment

Does your brand echo (and amplify) your level of success, or does it need a little more juice?

Many coaches and online business owners don't realize that their brand is not a static "one and done" piece of their business. Even if you've put the effort into branding yourself, the real challenge is staying consistent and keeping your brand up to date as your business grows and changes. 

Even the best coaches can have brands that no longer accurately represent who they are or how amazing they are at what they do.  Or worse yet, they haven't even created a brand in the first place because either it hasn't been a priority – or honestly the thought of creating a brand is just too overwhelming.

Ignoring your brand is a huge mistake because your brand is the best tool to amplify your efforts and accelerate your growth.

Not only is it the first impression that prospects have of you, but it's also what communicates with them and conveys your value on your behalf. If your brand doesn't represent how awesome you are at what you do (or it's showing what you did a couple of years ago) then it's losing you both clients and potential partners.

Just think about all of the visitors that are coming to your website and either being turned away because they don't think you serve them, or turned off because it doesn't echo your level of success?

When we brand or rebrand our clients not only does it grow their lead base and help them land uber partnerships - but they also often double, triple, or even quadruple their rates because their brand finally communicates their true value.

This assessment will help you take an objective look at your brand and decide if it's time for you to take it to the next level.

0 = Yikes, I seriously need to work on this.
4 = I’ve given this some attention - but still need improvement.
7 = I’m doing pretty darned well here.
10 = Ba BAM, I’ve got this one down!

I. Personality

1. I fully express my personality in my brand quirks and all.

2. I have developed my own voice within my brand.

3. I am attracting people to my tribe that resonate with my personally.

4. I share personal stories and my hobbies in my business regularly.

II. Brand Messaging

1. I have a clear message that is consistent throughout my content and marketing.

2. Prospects come to me from my website already knowing they want to work with me.

3. The clients I'm attracting now are exactly who I want to work with.

4. My message is in alignment with where I want to head in my business (I've not outgrown it).

III. Suite of Offerings

1. I have a unique signature system that is in alignment with my brand message.

2. All of my offerings are united by a common thread (my key message).

3. I have offerings at various price points and levels of engagement.

4. My offerings strategically lead into each other so my clients always have a next step.

IV. Visual Brand

1. My visual brand accurately represents who I am and my message.

2. My visual brand is up to date and echos (or amplifies) the value I offer.

3. My logo is unique and conveys the "feeling" and message of my brand.

4. My visual brand is carried throughout all touchpoints of my business (Social media, Website, Landing pages, Ebooks etc.)

V. Your Website

1. My website is well organized and has a clear flow.

2. My website has a good track record for attracting and converting my ideal clients.

3. My website looks professional and echos (or amplifies) the level of value I deliver.

4. My website reflects who I am and my message.

VI. Your Commitment Level (0 = not very committed, 10 = I am very committed!)

1. I will check my inbox and review my assessment results right away.

2. I know my brand is key to reaching the next level and I'm ready to take action.

3. I highly value the offer of a strategy session and would like to hear more about your services.

4. I am ready to invest in my brand and myself to experience greater results.

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